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SEO hosting uses traditional and non-traditional methods to improve the optimization of a website, increasing traffic and sales. Some SEO hosting companies provide content creation services, multiple C-Class IPs, and other SEO friendly services. As a Rackspace Partner, Brand Partners can help you to:

Setup Hosting
Migrate To An Improved Host
Setup/Migrate Email Accounts
Coordinate SSL Certificates
and more

SEO hosting is important because it takes a lot to optimize a website for the search engines. Building an aesthetically pleasing website is not enough to attract visitors and make sales. People have to know your website exists in order to visit it.

A new method of search engine optimization involves creating an online marketing campaign that stretches across multiple websites, IPs, domain names, Class Cs, and DNS. The reason? The current theory is that search engines award a higher ranking to a site that has links pointing on it from related sites located on unique Class-C IPs. Owning multiple IPs for several sites lets website owners create links between their own sites without the search engines finding out.

Trust the Experts

Brand Partners’s team of 13 Designers, Programmers & Marketing specialists are incentivized to complete projects on-time & on-budget. Our greatest strength lies in our insistence upon providing quick response to & excellent support to our customers.

We align our efforts with your long term goals. The success of all our efforts are always measured keeping in focus that your success is paramount. Working with Brand Partners is like having an in-house marketing team. The processes, the team structure, the delivery model.

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