Postcard Retargeting

Direct Mail Postcard Retargeting

Target Anonymous Website Visitors in their Postal Mailboxes!
How many of your website visitors come and go without ever giving you their contact information?

About 96% of visitors will leave
your site before filling out a form.

What if you could follow up with these prospects who were interested enough to visit your website, but never filled out a form, by sending retargeted direct mail pieces right to their USPS postal mailboxes?

With postcard retargeting, you now have the power to send real printed postcards to prospects who visit your website even before they’ve provided you with their contact information. Postcard retargeting works by capturing the IP address of the visitor and seeing if there is a match to their physical address. If a match is found, and the prospect fits your predetermined qualifying factors, are targeting postcard is mailed automatically within 24 hours.

How Postcard Retargeting Works


Step 1: Set Up Your Retargeting Tracking
We’ll help you get a tracking tag set up on your website and set the criteria for which website visitors you want to send postcards to. You will have the ability to target visitors to certain web pages, exclude visitors to specified web pages, set a geographical target area, and suppress against a customer list. You’ll also be able to set daily and monthly limits to stay within a preset budget and set the criteria for whether or not you want tore-mail to prospects who return to the site ata later date, and if so at what time intervals.


Step 2: Create Your Postcard Retargeting Campaign
We’ll create a mail piece design that is tailored to the visitors being targeted, and optimized with the 12 points of a successful design that we have discovered after producing campaigns for 98,564 businesses nationwide.


Step 3: Launch Your Campaign
Once you approve your setup criteria and the design(s) you will be using, your campaign will go live. Visitors will immediately begin matching to physical addresses and receiving targeted mail pieces.


Step 4: Analyze Your Activity & Results
Your postcard retargeting activity and results will be tracked and displayed in your easy to-read dashboard. You’ll be able to see how many cards were mailed, plus when they mailed and where they were mailed to.

Let’s Get Started!
To get started, we’ll help you place a tag on your website. Once the tag has been placed, we can show you how many website visitors you’re getting and how many of them can be reached with retargeting postcards.