Everyone Needs to Know about Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update

A broad core update is an improvement (or various improvements) to the overall Google algorithm that’s used to understand users search queries and websites better. These improvements aim to improve Google’s accuracy in matching search queries for better user experience and satisfaction. Whenever Google announces a change to their ranking algorithm, it tends to strike

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How Many Bidding Strategies Will Google Ads Remove This Month?

Google giveth & Google taketh….Fresh off of last month’s 3 new bidding controls announcement, Google Ads has recently announced that they will be removing two (2) bidding strategies in June 2019. These include: Target Search Page Location Target Outranking Share Although there are other options which help target Google Ads in similar ways, Advertisers must certainly stay on

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Maximizing Google Ads Three (3) New bidding Controls

With automation a burgeoning trend in paid search advertising, Google Ads has been improving both the efficacy and number of smart bidding strategies it is offering. With more than 70% of all advertisers’ use Google Ads automated bidding today, it has helped businesses large and small drive better performance with more flexibility to reach their business goals. While users

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